User testing for startups and freelance designers, for free.

QuickTest brings an affordable user testing platform to startups and freelancers. Share A/B tests remotely or in-person and receive analysed quantitative results and qualitative feedback on your designs.

Made for startup design teams & freelancers

User Testing is an expensive and time consuming step in the design process, especially if you're a sole designer at an early stage start-up. It's often hard to source participants to test with without spending £100's in fees. QuickTest helps you to settle design debates with data.

Test in person & remotely

As a small team, time is your biggest asset.
With Quicktest, you save time and money by ensuring the design of your product is validated before going into development.
Run moderated tests on your device or share remotely with your company or our community of participants.

Run multiple tests, with no question limit

Ask participants as many questions you need to validate your assumptions.
Get all teams, departments and stakeholders aligned on design with powerful insights.

Receive analysed results

Generate a fully automated UX report based on the data you've collected.
When testing ends, QuickTest gives you results for every design variation. quantitative and qualitative data helps you determine the winning design instantly. QuickTest allows you to know if your design works without having anything live yet. Test, compare and implement the design that performs best with users.